Pin Grading


The best quality tier available for pins. Most fit into this category. Pins of this grade sell at standard price aside from during storewide sales. Very small and minor imperfections are possible with A grades, such as:

  • Markings or scratches
  • Concave or uneven enamel fills
  • Surface bubbles
  • Metal burns and oxidization
  • Misaligned screen printing
  • Flecks of color mismatched glitter



The lower quality tier for pins, but with the original artwork still intact. These are available at discounted price. They are shipped in the manufacturer issued plastic bags rather than our custom packaging. Flaws are larger and more noticeable, and include those listed above as well as:

  • Small areas of missing enamel
  • Mixed colors in the enamel
  • Screen print ghosting (faded areas of misplaced printing)